What about allergies?

Unfortunately we can't guarantee that anything we make is 100% free from GLUTEN or NUTS, because we either handle these in our bakery where all our chocolate is made, or some of our suppliers handle those allergens in their processes.

How eco-friendly is your packaging?

Our bars are wrapped in a "plastic-looking" bag which is made from a plant-based material called Natureflex and is compostable. The card wrapper is recyclable as cardboard. Our bars are packed in a cardboard box made with 75% recycled material, and can be recycled. 

What do you mean by "ethically-sourced" on your packaging?

We source cacao beans and sugar from organic certified farms following practices which are kinder to wildlife, soil health and farmer health. We only source from farmer cooperatives and responsible estates where farmers are typically paid 10% over the organic fairtrade price for their crop. In addition, these cooperatives and estates provide grower benefits in the form of seedbanks, farming training (for example, how to increase yields without use of fertilisers and pesticides) and health services (like visiting dentists and schools) for farmers and their families.  

So does that mean you're organic certified?

No, we were organic certified for 7 years and found the fees and admin a huge burden for such a small company as ours so we can't claim our chocolate is organic as it has not been made in an organic-audited premises. 

    Do you use palm oil in your chocolate?

    No, we're a palm-oil free bakery 

    I want to send your chocolate as a gift – can I include a message?

    Yes! Just ping us an email with what you'd like us to add for you, and we'll put a little postcard with a handwritten message inside the parcel.

    How long will my chocolate keep?

    Bars are delivered with a minimum of 6 months shelf life

    How should I store my chocolate?

    Refrigerate in warm (above 20°C) weather, keep ambient the rest of the time.